Porters Paints


Nature’s Spectrum, Weathered Wash, Sediment, Australian Bronze, Mineral Lustre, Australian Copper, Terre Verde, Australian Iron, Rust Activator, Rust Sealer, Bedrock, Ebony Wash, Driftwood, and Wood Life.



Jamie Durie Signature Range

In the last 10years I have been designing landscapes in Australia and overseas, I have enjoyed using Porters Paints products.  When it came to developing my own range of paints I looked no further than my trusted friends at Porters to help me create them.  Much thought and effort has gone into developing the colours, textures and reliability of these paints before reaching your hands. They are designed by Australians and inspired by the Australian lifestyle.

Porters are the true innovators when it comes to paints and finishes and no-one can question their quality and experience.  My team and I know that you will enjoy working with these very special paints and finishes from the Signature range of products.

Jamie Durie